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What Does A Mirage-Net Website Cost?

Less Than You Might Think!

Here at Mirage Net Web, we hate secrets.  Most web developers keep their rates shrouded in mystery, and will only quote you prices after being contacted.  While every website has unique needs, we feel you deserve to have a general idea of costs BEFORE you contact us - that way you have an idea of where to start.  Our pricing structure is outlined below so there are no surprises. Mirage-Net is committed to giving you high-quality service WITHOUT breaking your budget!

Economy Package:

$300 for the initial page and overall design, layout and basic graphics work. (Please note that extensive graphic design may incur additional costs which will be determined prior to the beginning of the project.)

$125 per each additional page.

We include at no cost 2 pages:
  • Terms & Conditions - standard text - every site should include this and a Privacy Policy for their own protection legally
  • Privacy Policy - standard text - see above

Additional Features:

Custom designed javascript or image map graphical element in header or within site body – up to 10 pictures.  $200.00 each
Additional pictures added to above $10.00 each
Custom designed contact form(s) (to accommodate reservations or other) $150.00 each
Back end site administration capabilities (includes features such as directory, member pages, events and meetings listings, and easy page management.) with 1 hour of training. $150.00
Installation and “fusion” of 3rd party scripts such as forums, photo albums, blogs, etc. $150.00 each
Mobile version of standard website (valid with full website purchase only) $300.00
Shopping Cart /E-Commerce website - install, design & layout, set up for shipping, taxes, etc., modifications to standard pages including refunds, about the company, etc.  (This is in lieu of per page charges as stated above, as a shopping cart site stands alone). Starting at $700.00
"Mini-SEO" Package (click here for details) $250.00

Your website may require features that are industry specific and we are happy to provide a quote for any custom programming that may be required.  While some developers limit your business to what their programming and software accommodates, we prefer to expand our programming and software abilities to accommodate your business.


Our standard business hosting package runs $60.00 per year, and has all the requirements an average business site should need, including access to cPanel, where you can manage your email addresses, check statistics, etc. We offer a maintenance contract at $120.00 per year including 1/2 hour monthly for any changes necessary. This does not carry over from month to month. Maintenance over and above the ½ hour or changes for those who opt out of the maintenance contract will be billed at $50 per hour with a ½ hour minimum. We are happy to host sites not developed by Mirage Net Web, but do not include the free ½ hour per month maintenance.

Should you need more space than is required with our standard package, we also offer a deluxe package at $120.00 per year. Most sites would not require this unless they were extremely graphic intensive. We recommend starting with our standard package and should the need arise we can always upgrade you to the deluxe package as necessary.

Payment Information

Sites costing $500 or less (excluding hosting, domain name charges and maintenance fees require full payment up front.  For sites costing over $500, 50% of total site cost down plus hosting and/or domain name charges if applicable, with the balance due upon completion to the best of our ability or 30 days after, whichever comes first. Delays caused by not receiving necessary information do not delay the balance due, however the site will still be completed as soon as that information is provided. We will make the site live after approval by the client and after final payment is received.

Are you a whiz at programming but a disaster at design?
Ask us for a quote on graphics custom designed for your project.

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